Rob L. Robertson, Cpt.
"I use a spoon to eat cereal.
Phillip Shulsky, Cdr.
I came to Star Trek in my 40s. I watched a few episodes previously, but
wasn’t hooked. I wanted to go to a convention in 2015 and watched all
the episodes and movies leading up to it. That is when I was hooked. I
appreciate how Star Trek examines social issues. I find solace in the
future. It creates a feeling of hope for mankind. Its science fiction
but isn’t so farfetched as to be impossible. I hope this club (crew) is
able to set an example for our community. Roddenberry promoted infinite
diversity in infinite combination (IDIC). We should take pleasure in our
differences. Imagine what a world like that would look? I want to be a
part of that, even if it only exists in our group.
First Officer
"Where is the aquarium?
Brian Allen, Col.
Second Officer
"Marion made me smile.